To perform an activity or skill in a successful manner, one must train their bodies using a comprehensive approach. This is done by blending a methodical ‘ Periodization Training’  plan with the science of Metabolic Efficiency Training, ie. Nutrition. No matter if this skill is to lose weight and be healthy or to win an Ironman race, ultimately, the principles are the same.

First, in order to get the most out of any fitness training, one needs to focus on proper daily nutrition. That’s where metabolic efficiency comes into play: “The body’s efficiency of utilizing endogenous stores of carbohydrate and fat at different intensities and durations of exercise AND at rest”. Burn more fat - preserve carbohydrate stores. By changing the bodies metabolic flexibility, “a clear capacity to utilize lipid and carbohydrate fuels and to transition between them” in response to changes in dietary energy intake, we can train the body to become more metabolically efficient – utilize fat as a main fuel source.

Second, whether it’s your first time running a half marathon, competing as an elite triathlete, or just trying to lose weight and become a healthier individual, Lateral Fitness’ per·form Endurance Coaching works in two steps to design a proper program for you: determining how efficient your muscular system is and how strong your energy system is. Once this is done, a methodical and scientific approach is applied in building the exact exercise program needed to guide you to your optimal health and performance.

Understanding that sustaining a healthy lifestyle is a process, we are committed to providing a knowledgeable, detailed environment, where our clients will be able to achieve their fitness outcomes in a safe, progressive manner.

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Erik Marthaler, owner | metabolic efficiency training specialist | nutrition coach | usat level 1 coach | usac level 3 coach | team usa athlete

Sunny Ammons,  nutrition coach | NPTI nutrition | personal trainer | group instructor